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Saint Days: St. Cuthbert, Bishop and Missionary

St. Cuthbert (634-687) was a monk, bishop, and hermit in Lindisfarne in northeast England. He is considered the patron saint of northern England. He was born to a noble family during a time of tension in English Christianity given the cohabitation of both Roman and Irish traditions on the island. After the Synod of Whitby, Cuthbert accepted Roman customs which he introduced at a monastery at Lindisfarne. After working at the monastery, he lived the contemplative life of a hermit until he was elected Bishop of Hexham. 

Here is a quote which highlights Cuthbert's dedication to the monastic life of piety: 
"Even if I could possibly hide myself in a tiny dwelling on a rock, where the waves of the swelling ocean surrounded me on all sides, and shut me in equally from the sight and knowledge of men, not even thus should I consider myself to be free from the snares of a deceptive world: but even there I should fear lest the love of wealth should temp me and somehow or other snatch me away."

Please join us and the rest of the Church in praying with the example of St. Cuthbert in mind: 
O God, our heavenly Father, who raised up your faithful servant Cuthbert, to be a bishop and pastor in your Church and to feed your flock: Give abundantly to all pastors the gifts of your Holy Spirit, that they may minister in your household as true servants of Christ and stewards of your divine mysteries; through Jesus Christ our Lord; who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.