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Want to explore the ancient roots of the Christian faith? Want to learn how Christians throughout the ages have expressed that faith? Join us for an exploration of the great texts of the ancient Church and Reformation.

firsthand knowledge is not only more worth acquiring than secondhand knowledge, but is usually much easier and more delightful to acquire.
— C.S. Lewis

The Anglican Reading Cohort (ARC) exists to establish a robust understanding of Anglican identity through engagement with primary sources rooted in the Anglican tradition. 

We are currently reading: The Catholic Religion by Vernon Staley


Saxon invasion the Church entered into this country, settling itself, after that event, in Wales, where the Britons found a refuge from their enemies. Afterwards Christianity was brought to ourS axon forefathers by Augustine and Aidan and other saintly missionaries, and Alfred the Great defended the Church against the heathen Danes, till they too were received into its bosom. It has thus borne witness for God in this land during many centuries, through all changes, all crises of trial and suffering ;and in its main principles it is the same now as it was at the beginning. Although retaining a national identity, and independent history, and frequently asserting its independence, the Church was for a long period to a very great extent subject to the rule of the See of Rome ;then for a time its relations with theEnglish State were so complicated that, although its action was in theory free, it was sadly hampered by the royal claims of absolute authority. When the Puritans attained power, the whole energies of that party were directed to the suppression of the Church sorddr and services. At the Restoration, its national and spiritual character was alike vindicated, but soon after it was drained of much blood through the secession of the Non-Jurors ;after which ensued many years of spiritual decline. At last there came a revival through the Evangelical movement, and of late years a still greater quickening through the Oxford movement, which has stirred the whole body of the Church with new life and power.

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