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The Anglican Reading Cohort


Want to explore the ancient roots of the Christian faith? Want to learn how Christians throughout the ages have expressed that faith? Join us for an exploration of the great texts of the ancient Church and Reformation.

firsthand knowledge is not only more worth acquiring than secondhand knowledge, but is usually much easier and more delightful to acquire.
— C.S. Lewis

The Anglican Reading Cohort (ARC) exists to establish a robust understanding of Anglican identity through engagement with primary sources rooted in the Anglican tradition. 

We are currently reading: Apostolica Curae by Pope Leo XIII (1896) and Saepius Officio by Frederick Temple, Archbishop of Canterbury and William Maclagan, Archbishop of York (1897)


What is the official Roman Catholic position on Anglicanism? Pope Leo XIII answered this question decisively in his papal bull Apostolica Curae in 1896 in which he declared Anglican Holy Orders "absolutely null and void." To better understand our Roman Catholic brothers and sisters, we will endeavor to understand the objections made by Pope Leo.  However, we will also read Saepius Officio, the Anglican response penned by Frederick Temple, the Archbishop of Canterbury and William Maclagan, the Archbishop of York which seeks to answer the Pope's arguments regarding Anglicanism. 

Next Meeting Date: Tuesday, October 9 at 7:00pm
Next Meeting Location: Church of the Good Shepherd


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